Y//dd//sh from 4brozek on Vimeo.

CEE #1: ode to joy in yiddish

At the first Club Europ Express night we 'twinned' with our friends in Lublin, Poland, who made us this video about their city's lost Jewish history.


The Rose Hill arts hub, ex-pub, favourite place

Brighton & Hove for EU anti-Brexit campaigning

Go! Europe walking 5000km across Europe's open borders. With our friendly support.

CakeWatch  Brexit-sceptic commentary from Brussels

Expecting  a story from Florence about migrant mothers

Conversations with Europe bringing Europeans' voices together. Including one of ours.

CEE #11: ode to joy in hendrix

At the first anniversary Club Europ Express we linked up with Steve Bullock of CakeWatch in Brussels, who perfomed the European anthem with a strong accent.

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