28 march: not brexit eve

Despite appearances, this is the prelude to good news from across Europe. Photographer-artist Tereza Červeňová was telling us about how she and many other young Slovaks abroad were travelling back to Slovakia to vote for pro-European, progressive presidential candidate Zuzana Čaputova. They succeeded, and Zuzana Čaputova is now president-elect of Slovakia.

There's more about our conversations with our guests at Club Europ Express on 28 March, including CEE's MP Caroline Lucas, on the Events page.

Flooding the debate with hope

We now have video highlights and a report from Club Europ Express 1 November 2018, featuring Zoe Williams, Niccolo Milanese and Michał Iwanowski, here.

misha glenny across europe - interview

author Misha Glenny talks to us about Brexit, Europe, the wider world, and how we got to this 'uniquely difficult and dangerous moment' ... Read more and watch here.

We'll be back at the revamped Rose Hill on 1 November with a fantastic line-up.  Our special guest will be Zoe Williams of the Guardian and Another Europe Is Possible; we'll also be speaking via video with Niccolo Milanese, author of Citizens of Nowhere: How Europe Can Be Saved From Itself,  in Paris, and with photographer Michał Iwanowski, who'll be telling us about how he walked from his home in Wales to his home in Poland earlier this year.

We’re taking a break from club nights over the summer, but we’re making plans for our autumn season.

One thing that’s on our minds is the increasingly clear connection between Brexit politics, right-wing nationalism in other European countries, and American nationalism under Trump.

Making connections with like-minded people across Europe isn’t just a nice idea. It’s vital if we want to resist hate, intolerance and the radical right. They have a vision and a project for Europe. We need one too.

CEE has been working on that. Come and join us at our venue, the Rose Hill, in Brighton in the autumn, and online any time.